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    • Tickets bought to see @LukeHaines_News in Glasgow on May 13. No idea how he was persuaded to venture up North but bloody delighted. 6 months ago
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    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…
    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Head’s Up – Johnny and the Giros

Johnny and the Giros is a very punk name, but the Scottish band’s stock in trade is a blend of danceable indie which has seen them compared to Foals, Two Door Cinema Club and the Rapture. Where the punk spirit does shine through is in their riotous live shows. Trust me, they are genuinely mental. It’s like someone has nailed four speedfreaks together, put them in a bag and thrown them into an ocean of Tennents Lager.  A fun night out, no doubt, but there are some musical chops behind the frenetic moves as you can hear on new single  ‘I Don’t Need A Lover’, released October 5. Have a listen and let us know what you think.

I Don’t Need A Lover


It is available to

Vigo Thieves – The Art School, Glasgow

A stock sequence in the nature documentary business is the ‘opening flower’ montage. You know the one – flower slowly begins to open up, reaching towards the sun before standing proudly, beautiful and alive. It’s a lovely image, and it’s repeated so often simply because it’s one we can all relate to. There really are few things in life more satisfying than watching something achieve its potential. That same feeling is what makes this gig so special.

You see, Vigo Thieves have grown so much over the last few years that are virtually unrecognisable from the clunky indie-poppers they started out as. Like many young bands – and being a young act is not so much about the age of the artists than the art itself – they’ve taken a while to find their own sound. Unlike many young bands these days, they’ve done the hard yards on the road, gigging all over the country and honing their craft. What has emerged is a sleek, gloriously passionate band with soaring ambition and the ability to realise it.

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mp3free – Vigo Thieves

We’ve liked Wishaw’s Vigo Thieves for a while now, and 2012 looks fair set to be the year they take their brand of angular heartbreak to a wider audience. They are the type of band that only Scotland seems able to produce properly – dreamy yet powerful, wistful yet spiky and very definitely real. They release their debut EP Heart & Soul (Part One) on 5 March and have released the single ‘Heartbeats’ as a taster. If you want modern guitars with an electronic edge but the soul of Springsteen, here comes your band.

Download ‘Heartbeats’ here

A quick chat with Vigo Thieves

We’ve been big fans of Vigo Thieves since their debut single ‘Won’t You Be Mine’.  Since then, they’ve taken their blistering live show across the UK and been spoken of in the same breath as Big Country and The Strokes. Their new single ‘Love is Dead’, as fine a slab of angular fury as you’re likely to hear, is released on Monday. We caught up with frontman Stevie Jukes for a chat about 2011….

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Weekly what’s new – Vigo Thieves

Doesn’t Valentines Day just make you feel good? Don’t you love paying a fiver for an overpriced piece of card and being grievously ripped off for flowers and chocolates? No? Then give thanks for the Vigo Thieves new single ‘Love Is Dead’. Long-term ELM faves, this is another taster of their forthcoming debut album.

Vigo Thieves – Blood Red

Brand spanking new video for the Vigo Thieves absolutely cracking new single ‘Blood Red.’ I’m away to get a checked shirt and attack an Englishman.*

Buy this. That’s an order.

*Not really. I’m too pretty for prison.

The Vigo Thieves Stealing Again

There’s more to Glasgow than sectarianism and heart attacks, you know. One of the best aspects is its slew of great bands, led by the splendid Vigo Thieves. Frontman Stevie Jukes gave us a listen to the band’s new EP Steal Your Heart, claiming that they’d ‘ditched The Strokes in favour of Big Country’.

There’s definitely a bit of truth in that statement, with the superb ‘Blood Red’ recalling Adamson and co at their often-forgotten tartan post-punk best. The band recall Glasvegas without the irritating affectations, with Jukes’ urbane detachment failing to mask the perennial working-class struggle between artistic freedom and football hooliganism, and bloody good thing too. Add to that a musical education far beyond that of most peers and you have the base metals for something quite golden.

Steal Your Heart is released on April 26th and the band will be on tour to support it. More info at their myspace http://www.myspace.com/vigothieves and we’ll have a full interview with them next month.