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    • Tickets bought to see @LukeHaines_News in Glasgow on May 13. No idea how he was persuaded to venture up North but bloody delighted. 6 months ago
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    extremelisteningmode on Our new least favourite band…
    Sam on Our new least favourite band…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…
    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Whippet Out – Justice Tonight, ABC Glasgow

Sonic preacher man Howlin’ Whippet heads out with even more of a cause this week…

Justice Tonight was generating a lot of excitement in Anarchy Towers this week. In aid of the Hillsborough Justice Fund, a collection of luminaries are touring the UK raising funds and awareness of the campaign to have all of the documents and information around that awful day brought into the public domain. Of course, remembering the 96 who lost their lives is never far away from the collective Liverpool memory, but the horror left an indelible mark all over this isle. So the cause is a just one. What of the music?

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The Monday Meh! – Glasvegas

As the Glasgow classicists return with their second album, we look at whether this is a good thing.

In times of great economic upheaval, it’s prudent to do the sensible thing and shop to your budget. Is there really any difference between the big brands and the supermarket’s generic attempt?  If a bottle of Coke is two quid and the Asda stuff a quarter of that, it’s just common sense to buy the latter. Ah, but see, it’s a false economy. The Asda stuff tastes a bit like Coke, but fundamentally it is not Coke. All you have done is waste fifty pence as opposed to save £2.
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News Nuggets – Easter Edition

Easter – it’s like Christmas, but less fun. That’s not to say we won’t all make the most of it, but let’s not kid ourselves people. It’s like comparing Elvis and Fat Elvis; sure, you’d rather have Fat Elvis over no Elvis at all, but it’s never going to be anybody’s favourite.

So what’s happening this Eastertime in rock’n’roll? Very little, really. I mean, have you ever heard of a race for the Easter Number 1? But, here we go regardless:

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The Friday 5 – 5 reasons why we love rock’n’roll

So do we Britney, so do weLight and shade. That’s what we strive for round these parts. In ELM Towers, you’ll find rooms bathed in a light so shiny and white you’d swear you’d walked in on Simon Cowell, whereas the adjoining room would be dimmer than Manni Dinogue. For steady repetition is not good for the soul. But we’ve been guilty of a little negativity this past while.

Sure, there’s plenty to get annoyed about. Glasvegas. Talentless losers chancing their arms and getting the spot of far more deserving bands. Glasvegas. Irritating, tuneless wonders lecturing us on their deeply-held convictions about society that they’ve held for fully half an hour. Glasvegas. Oh, and Glasvegas.
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He’s back, he’s back, he’s back, he’s back, nooooooo – Glasvegas frontman alive and well

James AllanFor those of you cynics out there who don’t believe there is a God, I bring you evidence; yesterday, he answered millions of prayers by delivering, safe from evil, Glasvegas frontman James Allan after reports in newspapers he’d been missing for five days. He turned up safe and well on holiday in New York, where he was presumably  found masturbating at Sterling Morrison’s grave.

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Speech Debelle Wins Mercury Music Prize

Speech DebelleLondon rapper Speech Debelle won the 2009 Mercury Music Prize last night for her debut album Speech Therapy. The album, which the Sun will no doubt enjoy pointing out had sold only 3000 copies up to yesterday, beat off stiff competition from Florence & the Machine and Bat for Lashes to win the coveted award. It says here on the press release, anyway.

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He’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone, ohhhhhhhh – Glasvegas frontman missing

jamesieScotland’s Daily Record newspaper reports Glasvegas frontman James Allan is missing. He apparently disappeared five days ago and his concerned bandmates are now starting to hit the panic button. Bandmate Rab Allan, who is James’s cousin, said: “We’re not supposed to talk about it. He has been working really, really hard and he probably needs a break. If he doesn’t turn up for Kings of Leon, we’ll be really, really worried.

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