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    • Tickets bought to see @LukeHaines_News in Glasgow on May 13. No idea how he was persuaded to venture up North but bloody delighted. 6 months ago
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    extremelisteningmode on Our new least favourite band…
    Sam on Our new least favourite band…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…
    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Neko Case – Oran Mor Glasgow

NekoCase1280x720Neko and her band hit the stage without long term backing singer and friend Kelly Hogan. “She’s on the tour bus, really sick….actually maybe she’s dead. We didn’t check.”

Black humour is at the heart of so much of what Neko Case does, and it shares songs with romanticism, feminism, a love of nature and a sense
that under the surface of civilisation we’re all beasts. And maybe she’s right.

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The Black Crowes – o2 Academy, Glasgow

You have to admire the beard

You have to admire the beard

The Black Crowes are back, and for anyone who likes their rock and roll with a dirty, whiskey-soaked tinge, this was intriguing. Always seen as a band for serious musicians, they enjoyed a fearsome reputation as a live act in their heyday. But how does the actuality measure up to the legend in 2013? Jericho Hill drum colossus Al Pritchard found out.

Not quite the two and a half hour, ‘there’s good rockin’ tonight’ nostalgia-fest that I was expecting. Rather a somewhat perfunctory and emotionless trudge through most of the back catalogue.

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Cowboy Junkies – Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow

Cowboy JunkiesVespertine checks out the Toronto legends in one of Glasgow’s most celebrated locales.

Many music fans deliberately time their arrival at a venue to avoid the support band….big mistake tonight. John Murry will hopefully become well known for his wonderful album The Graceless Age and you good people should all buy it now. Well after you’ve read this. He played most of that album and the highlight was a clearly emotional John stripping off the guitar and singing ‘Little Coloured Balloons’ – a song with very little comedic relief shall we say.

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Whippet out – Glen Matlock And The Philistines, King Tuts Glasgow

Hardcore bible-thumper and fourth dimension punk purist Howlin Whippet donned his cape and strode out looking for justice. He found a punk icon who can still go….

It’s not often you get to be in the same small room as a bona fide living legend, but tonight in KTWWH, a small crowd are in the company of Glen Matlock; Sex Pistol, Rich Kid, Iggy Pop’s sometime bassist and writer of most of Never Mind The Bollocks. Oh yeah.

Like most, I’m not terribly familiar with Glen’s solo material, so am not sure what to expect.

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Band of Horses – Academy, Glasgow

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that nobody knows anything. As the world spins into financial meltdown, nobody seems to know how it happened or what to do about it. The same could be said for Band of Horses career. Record companies and radio planners do not credit the great British public with much interest in anything beyond generic electro-pop and chart-friendly r’n’b. Yet here we are in a sold-out Academy watching a band with Neil Young and Credence as their touchstones. Vivé la difference. Continue reading

Whippet out – Heaven 17, Glasgow ABC

The Whippet goes out searching for redemption in the strangest places. he finds some in the form of electro-pioneers Heaven 17.

Once more the intrepid Whippet drags his weary bones out in the wintry Glasgow night. This, I have to say, is more at the behest of Mrs Whippet who has something of a penchant for what is known in Anarchy Heights as “Eighties throwbacks”.

I do, however, have something of a soft spot for the album being re-lived tonight. It’s the 30th Anniversary of Penthouse And Pavement, and I’m keen to see what a 21st Century makeover will bring to one of the albums that defined the Thatcher/Yuppie-era.

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Titus Andronicus – Oran Mor, Glasgow

Vespertine checks out the US alt.rockers who have been compared to Bright Eyes. No pressure there, then.

Is Monday the new Friday? No. But for one punter it is. At the front, a bespectacled chap named Scott makes an impassioned plea for his fellow gig goers to move down beside him, pogo more and “become a crowd and not just people at a gig”. Spirited, eh? And maybe he had a point – this is a band who deserve a full house exploding as one, but it’s hard sometimes to ditch self-consciousness and let go. After all…it’s Monday.

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