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    extremelisteningmode on Our new least favourite band…
    Sam on Our new least favourite band…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…
    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Is T in the Park’s safe line-up actually a risk?

Geoff Ellis

Geoff Ellis

The announcement of the T in the Park line-up has been greeted with disappointment from most quarters, with festival head honcho Geoff Ellis accused of playing it safe after last year’s event failed to sell out for the first time in recent memory. On the face of it, it looks a sensible enough move from a strictly business point of view. But does the unimaginative bill actually represent a much bigger risk for the event than the organisers might realise?

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Arctic Monkeys – Glasgow Hydro

Arctic MonkeysGordon Reid checks out the popular Yorkshire beat combo.

I’m old. I am probably too old to like these scamps from Sheffield, there is very little doubt about it. But their first two albums spoke to a very important part of my youth; songs about winding up the police and noising up bouncers at nightclubs, about poseurs and girls and hangovers and drugs. Maybe not who I am, but certainly who I was.

Had I been in a band back then then this is the sort of stuff that I would have been writing. Shut it.

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What’s colder than cold? Not the NME Cool List

It’s that time of year again, when the NME attempts to prove how hip and wit’ it they are by selecting the coolest people in music and creating a neat, numbered list. Everyone knows the devil has all the best tunes, but apparently he also likes to be very organised and make sure he has all his information in neat little formats which can be quickly jotted down in an exercise book.

You see, that’s the problem; when the NME tries to be cool, it’s like when your dad tries to talk to you about ‘the twitter’ or your Prime Minister tries to pretend he likes the Arctic Monkeys. It just sets your teeth on edge and utterly confirms how painfully uncool they are.

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Con-fusion – BBC and collaborations

Sex changes are an odd thing, aren’t they? People who are convinced they’ve been born into the wrong sex. Even though, clearly, they have no frame of reference for being the other way round and carrying the opposing type of equipment. Progress being what it is and all, we are now able to take a boy and make a girl with more precision than with a cauterized cleaver. But it does beg a host of ethical questions. You could speculate on whether it is, in fact, such a good idea. Just because we can do something doesn’t mean that we should.

This is a notion I wish someone would tell the BBC. Now, a lot of people slag off the Beeb, but you won’t see that here. Well, not much of it anyway. The BBC provide a fantastic service that no commercial outlet would. Especially in radio, where they seem willing to cater for people with an IQ in double digits. But sister stations Radio 2 and 6 Music have a little bee in their bonnet at the moment about ‘unique’ collaborations. Continue reading

The Songs That Saved Your Life – The 00s: What Now?

ColdplayIn the final part of our look at decade-defining works, we shift gears slightly and look at what the current era will be remembered for musically. Frankly, we’re gutted John and Edward won’t release a record before the qualifying period ends.

So, the 00s, or the noughties, or whatever you chose to call them. What will they be remembered for? Iraq? Black President? Economic catastrophe? ‘Jenny from the Block’? Continue reading

Arctic Monkeys – A departure or an arrival?

monkeysPositive Fire Station has a look at the new direction of the Arctic Monkeys.

Following the long-awaited release of the Arctic Monkeys new album Humbug, the word on the street is not so much full of glee but more full of dire warnings from the early adopters –  “its going to take some getting used to”, “its quite a change from the last two albums” and “I’m not sure if I like this new direction.”

Speaking as a long-term fan, I think they’ve every right to be different; who wants to listen to an album that’s the same as the last two? To be brutally honest, they have a pretty distinctive sound anyway… which is a polite way of saying that there wasn’t a massive stylistic jump between the first two records. In order for them to develop as band at all, this time had to be different.

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News Nuggets and Nibbles

TTELM brings you this weeks major news stories, taken as seriously and presented with just the right amount of gravitas as they deserve. Then again, our favourite newsreader is Tom Tucker from Family Guy, so that sort of shows where we are pitching this. That’s not a reflection on you, dear reader. Okay it is. Sue me.

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