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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Death to the Pixies – Is Indie Cindy really that bad?

IndieCindyWhen the Pixies reformed for some shows a decade ago – I know – nobody really minded. There was the some small talk of legacies being pissed on, as if some live shows you could choose not to go to would somehow supersede a career that is to alternative rock what Elvis was to everything else. But in the main, people thought they deserved to top up their pension funds. Intermittent blasts round the festival scene since have also been looked on kindly. After all, they could still actually do the songs justice, and what songs they are. Overall, everybody was happy enough to sort of have Pixies around as an entity.

But with fans still digesting the news that Kim Deal had left the band there came the announcement of new recordings. The departure of Deal raised issues of whether it was valid to call this project ‘Pixies’ when it could be argued that it was now 75% Pixies. When faced with the threat of actual new music, those critics recoiled in horror. This was not the Pixies and they weren’t going to like it, come what may. The band released what would become Indie Cindy in three installments; critics predictably filleted them. But how much of it was to do with the music? Look at Pitchfork; they slaughtered two of the EPs, declined to review the third and then – in place of a review of this album – announced they would instead be reviewing the band’s back catalogue.

The message was clear. ‘This is not the Pixies. That is. And if they can’t be trusted to guard their legacy, we’ll do it for them.’  The album didn’t stand a chance. But is it actually that bad? Not at all. In fact, it’s quite good.

Opening track ‘What Goes Boom’ is a big crunchy, beast of a song, recalling classic Pixies. ‘Andro Queen’ is a beautiful, spacey dream of a lullaby. ‘Bag Boy’ is great, shouty and insistent. And the rest is pretty much worth giving house room to too.

The negative reviews tended to mention that this album wasn’t, you know, as good as their old stuff. Of course it fucking isn’t. It’s not 1988 anymore. The reason a massively influential band are influential is because people ape them. Therefore they can’t sound as revolutionary as they once did because instead of being ahead of the pack, the pack swallows them up. This isn’t as good as C’mon Pilgrim or Surfer Rosa. Not much of a shocker, really is it?

As a standalone album, this is a very decent, enjoyable alt-rock album, packed full of tunes and enough character to keep a Pixies fan happy. it can’t turn back time, it can’t make you 14 again, it can’t replicate the feeling that you got when music was your whole life and you’d never made a mortgage payment. And if you don’t expect it to, you’ll enjoy it. If you do want it to hit you like those albums did a quarter of a century ago, that’s your fault. It won’t erase your old records though. Stop moaning about it. For everyone else, just give it a spin and enjoy the fifth best Pixies record, and that’s still miles ahead of most others.



2 Responses

  1. Couldn’t agree more, “standalone” being the key word! Some songs sound more like Frank Black’s solo work, some have echoes of The Pixies of old, and some sound like neither! None of which matters, judged on it’s own merits, it’s a really good album!

  2. Exactly! I like it for what it is, not what some people thought it should be. It’s a good album – no more or less.

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