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    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…
    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

What’s going on – New Releases 25 Jun 2012

Like a good bric-a-brac shop, today’s release contains a bit of everything. There are hidden treasures which deserve your attention; slightly soiled goods which were once of use but may still be loved by someone; and raggedy, smelly rubbish which would be best served by being thrown out.

Let’s start with the fomer, and Santigold’s new single ‘The Keepers’, which is a pop stormer from the divine Ms White. Making up the second batch are Aerosmith. Yes, they are still going and apparently some people buy their records. Still. In 2012. I know. In the ‘fucking hell, really?’ corner is R. Kelly, a man whose seemingly-indestructible career continues apace with ‘Share My Love’, a spectacularly inappropriate song title for a man with his background.

Album wise, we welcome back The Flaming Lips with The Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends. The album was released on Record Store Day and consists of the Lips collaborating with a wide ensemble of performers, including Keisha, Yoko Ono and Bon Iver. It is, at best, uneven, and again adds fuel to the belief that Wayne Coyne has hit a creative wall he’s struggling to get over. Or it could be an album of genius that I’m being harsh on. Let us know your thoughts.

Levellers release a new album, for some reason, as do Jedward. It will be surprising if the latter even sells enough to cover the print run cost. But, everybody don a black T and a tattoo sleeve, for what’s that on the horizon? Yes, it’s Linkin Park and they are back like it’s still 2002 and nu-metal hasn’t been thoroughly discredited as the soulless, corporate piddle it is. They will no doubt sell 86 million copies in the first wee and it still won’t matter.

Singles released today:

Aerosmith – ‘Legendary Child’
Adam Lambert – ‘Never Close Our Eyes’
Benga feat. Bebe Black – ‘Icon’
Chris Brown – ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’
Casiokids – ‘Dresinen’
Deadmau5 – ‘The Veldt Ep’
Jason Derulo – ‘Undefeated’
Macy Gray – ‘Sail’
Paul Banks – ‘Juan Plenti Lives EP’
R.Kelly – ‘Share My Love’
Santigold – ‘The Keepers’
Taio Cruz – ‘There She Goes’
Will.i.am feat. Eva Simons – ‘This Is Love’

Albums released today:

The Chapman Family – ‘Cruel Britannia’
Deathspell Omega – ‘Drought’
Dying Fetus – ‘Reign Supreme’
The Flaming Lips – ‘Flaming Lips And Heady Fwends’
Flo Rida – ‘Wild Ones’
Gaggle – ‘From The Mouth Of The Cave’
Ginger Wildheart – ‘100%’
Gojira – ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’
Jedward – ‘Young Love’
Jesca Hoop – ‘The House That Jack Built’
Jimmy Fallon – ‘Blow Your Pants Off’
Josh Osho – ‘Life’
Levellers – ‘Static On The Airwaves’
Linkin Park – ‘Living Things’
Macy Gray – ‘Covered’
Maroon 5 – ‘Overexposed’
Memphis May Fire – ‘Challenger’
Metric – ‘Synthetica’
Nestsky – ‘2’
The Offspring – ‘Days Go By’
Panic Room – ‘Skin’
R.Kelly – ‘Write Me Back’


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