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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Interesting dug – Morrissey bitten by pooch

Rebekah Brooks might think she’s having a tough time, but it absolutely pales into comparison with what Morrissey is going through these days. Just weeks after civil war erupted amongst his online fans – prompted, it must be said, by his decision to wear a ‘FUCK MORRISSEY-SOLO.COM’ t-shirt at a few shows – he’s been turned on by a member of the animal kingdom. After all he’s done for them as well. Ungrateful non-human bastards. And ungrateful human bastards as well, come to think of it. They’re all out to get him.

According to fansite True to You – he still likes this one – “Morrissey has attended hospital in Malmo (Sweden) where x-rays reveal a fractured index finger on his right hand,” according to the site. “The cracked bone is at the tip of the finger. The injury will not affect upcoming shows.” You’d hope not. Even by his own outstandingly wan standards, cancelling a gig with a broken finger would be a bit much. So he’s soldering on, which you suspect is not hugely pleasant for those sharing a tour bus with him. Which is none of them, as he takes his own bus.

The dog bite – fuck it, let’s call it what it was, a savage, potentially fatal mauling – took place last week at the Hop Farm festival. One has to question the logic of holding a festival on a farm which was clearly teeming with dangerous animals. Bet you wish he’d had his hand in glove at that point (WOOF!)

Morrissey Solo pissed themselves laughing about this, which was to be expected. The site has attracted Moz’s ire for, well, not being fawning enough. And that is the problem with Moz 2011; isolated, detached, surrounded by yes-men and resentful of everything. There’s no sunshine in his music any more, and it seems that it’s not unconnected.

Increasingly bitter and increasingly irrelevant, it’s hard to see where he goes from here, other than for a tetanus shot. Having turned off all but his most rabid fans – admittedly, a fairly hefty group in terms of numbers – it seems he’s turning in on them as well. And when an animal wants to register his displeasure at the current direction, well, it’s time for change. All we can do is hope this acts as a wake-up call. Who knows – hopefully this bite has opened his eyes.*


2 Responses

  1. good piece, i agree, i have followed him avidly/obsessively for years but this year I am steadily going off him…he is behaving quite badly in my opinion and also had the owner of morrissey solo chucked out of his copenhagen gig the other night…his crime…not doing exactly what moz says on the site…i never thought i would say this but i am finding him a tad unsavoury at the moment!

  2. It’s not unique to him, but he has been guilty of it. Some people are allowed not to like you. It’s sad that he doesn’t agree with that. And throwing out that fan is awful. No matter how you dress it up, it’s censorship.

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