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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

A few minutes of silence – Anti-XFactor group uses Cage piece

A new anti X Factor campaign has been launched to beat this year’s X Factor winner in the race to Christmas Number One.

Madness star Suggs and dance acts Orbital and Pendulum are amongst the musicians heading up the campaign and last night they recorded John Cage’s experimental work 4’33” – the sound of musicians doing nothing – at a studio in Soho London.

And if that doesn’t inspire in you a deep-seated and unmistakable urge to punch everyone involved in it in the face before buying thirty copies of whatever pap Cowell’s peddling this Christmas, you’ve gone wrong.

That the anti- X Factor single is now becoming a tradition in itself is surely a touch ironic. But back to the piece. The campaign, which has been dubbed Cage Against the Machine currently has 62,000 Facebook fans and the odds at Ladbrokes for the track to be number one this Christmas are 8-1.

Well, whoopty-doo.

Firstly, by joining up every sodding year to pull this stunt, the people are becoming a machine of their own, rather than fighting against anything. And it’s a smug, self-satisfied, passionless machine at that.

There is something far more honest about 100,000 kids buying Cher or whoever wins X-Factor’s single and playing it over and over than a bunch of snidey internet wankers cyber-high-fiving each other over how special and clever they all are.

Cage Against the Machine is nasty. It’s not clever, it’s not subversive. In that silence, you can hear the sound of a group of musicians and 62,000 joyless uptight arseholes having a wank to the hum of their own neediness.

Fuck them.


6 Responses

  1. A splendid piece of invective, young man, worthy of Charlie Brooker in his pomp.

  2. Thank you sir. I am sick of this, and it is only the third year.

  3. all together now……..”FUCK YOU I WONT TIDY MY BEDROOM!!!!!!”………

  4. Like I say, if 100,000 kids bought the X-Factor single because they heard it on the telly and liked it, then that to me has far more value and dignity than a bunch of sour cockends clubbing together to win a battle that doesn’t actually exist.

  5. Dicks.

  6. It’s just another variety of attention-seeking by pretentious pseudo-intellectual onanists.

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