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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
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Olof Arnalds -Captain’s Rest, Glasgow

Olof Arnalds -Captain’s Rest, Glasgow

Reviewed by Vespertine

Olof Arnalds

Good gigs can be made from the most unlikely raw materials. I decided
to catch Ms Arnalds with just a few days notice without having heard
any material. A few days spent on Spotify opened me up to her
wonderful voice and I was drawn into her worldview despite not
speaking Icelandic. A few phone calls and I even rustled up some
company for a folk gig in a small subterranean venue at almost no
notice at all.

Olof Arnalds - 19th Sep 2010 Captains Rest Glasgow

The Captain’s Rest is a strange place; a former ‘old man pub’ once
owned by a footballer has been transformed into a hipster joint where
the drunks, barflies and cleaners are better dressed than me. Not that
I’ve set the bar very high,…..but it has carved out a superb
reputation for putting on small bands and being very supportive of
niche independent music. It serves decent beer at decent prices
also….a nice bonus.

It is lovely to see that the Icelandic chanteuse has doffed her cap to
show business and changed into a lovely dress and high heels – indie
kids take heed! She is accompanied only by Davíð Þór Jónsson and the
interplay of their acoustic guitars is a huge part of the sound which
fills the venue. The songs are mainly drawn from the new album
‘Innundir Skinni’ – the title track and ‘Madrid’ are beautiful whilst
the mainly instrumental ‘Allt I Giddi’ has wonderful fret work. The
audience is appreciative and quiet when she sings…a rare treat for a
Glaswegian audience. The closest we come to popular music is ‘Crazy
Car’ sung in English and appearing to hint at the lure of fame,
fortune and a rebirth as someone new set against home, friends and
background. Although of course she might dispute that angle! It might
be about ‘Herbie Goes Bananas’ but I am assuming it’s not. We also get
songs from her first album ‘Við Og Við’ which is a beautiful little
acoustic album everyone should own; songs such as ‘I Nyju Husi’.

The set is short – but well judged as most will be as yet unfamiliar
with the material – and she leaves us with that sense that the next
time she plays it will be in a bigger venue and with a bigger crowd.
And indeed I have since waxed lyrical about her to everyone I’ve
met……buy the album, see the shows. She deserves your support.

Check out:

I Nyju Husi
Innundir Skinni

Photos Copyright © 2010 Chris Osborne


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