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    extremelisteningmode on Our new least favourite band…
    Sam on Our new least favourite band…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…
    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Our new least favourite band – Twin Atlantic

One of the unwelcome but unavoidable side-effects of reviewing a lot of gigs is that you end up seeing a lot of bands who are, to put it agriculturally, pish. This stands to reason; everybody wants to be a rock star yet only a minute percentage of those who attempt it will have the ability. Such is life.

It is somewhat poor form to actively dislike a young band who haven’t made their breakthrough. Oppobrium is best saved for those who represent and clear and present danger to your synapses. But after somehow catching the spoiled, awful efforts of Twin Atlantic three times in the last six months, we’ve had to make an exception. This is, without a doubt, the most annoying band in Britain right now.

It’s not the music which really offends. They really, really want to be a darker Biffy Clyro, but instead peddle a half-baked generic mid-Atlantic alt.rock which a thousand bands do in any town in the country. It isn’t the unintentionally amusing lyrics, which strive for earnest gravitas but actually resemble an Onion parody of an emo act. In short, they are a bit shit. Hey-ho, lots of bands are. What really marks out Twin Atlantic is their overwhelming sense of entitlement.

We caught them at RockNess and panelled them for singer Sam McTrusty berating the audience for not responding favourably enough to the delights of a shite sub-Biffy on a freezing cold day of a festival. We offered the advice to Sam that perhaps he may be better served by trying to get the crowd to respond to his music, rather than expecting it to happen the other way round.

It seems this hasn’t happened. I caught them supporting the Gaslight Anthem in Birmingham this week. They went down rather lamely. A few dozen people at the front were enthused; the rest politely got on with waiting for the headliners. McTrusty felt this was an insult to his art. ‘There’s just rows of blank expressions. I’d rather you booed us than nothing at all’, he whined, before shamefully adding ‘at least try to pretend you care about music’. Where did such a massive ego find room to grow? Possibly in the gaps where his talent should be.

Now, those people had paid £20 a head to go to a show on a mid-week night. I’d suggest that shows they do care about music. They just don’t care about Twin Atlantic’s. This is the fault of the band, not the audience. Twin Atlantic demanded a reaction with their words, not their music. That is unforgivable, and so pathetic it sets my teeth on edge with embrassment. Twin Atlantic failed to meake the audience care about them at all; simply put, they weren’t worth an opinion either way. They aren’t good enough to like or bad enough to hate. They are just there, floating on their own miasma of dullness.

I ran into a friend who attended the following night’s show in Glasgow. I asked him how it went. Great, he said, though the ‘singer from the support band was a bawbag’. McTrusty lambasted the crowd for not giving them the same reaction they’d been afforded in London.

Let’s see – three Twin Atlantic shows, same middling reaction. Can anyone see what the common denominator in all this is?

McTrusty is typical of a certain breed of band member. He takes himself and his ‘art’ far too seriously. Knock yourself out, but when you expect everyone else to do the same, that is when you hit problems. Why should they? As Morrissey sang, you just haven’t earned it yet, baby. And, like many an example of his species, he’ll end up working in a record shop or a Ticketmaster, bitter beyond belief that he never made it as he plays to smaller and smaller crowds and weeps himself to sleep every night whilst cradling a bottle of Wild Turkey and playing his demos. It’s textbook.

Twin Atlantic have played three shows in the last few weeks, and came out with less fans than when they went in. That’s just suicide. And, frankly, no-one will miss them and their adolescent nuisance of a frontman when they are gone.


84 Responses

  1. you didn’t like them then?

  2. I’ve heard better. 🙂

    I believe teenagers like them, but they also like Skins and self-harming, so what do they know?

  3. They opened their Birmingham set with a song which must have been six minutes long and almost disappeared up it’s own chorus trying to be clever.

    They were eminently forgettable but if you’re going to go to the trouble of getting on a stage and playing music, perhaps you should wait for people to tell you they like it rather than think, wrongly, you can browbeat them into doing so.

    Pompous little bell-end, he was.

  4. Ha i noticed him saying that at rockness and thought im freezing wet and unfortunatly sober and 3 days without proper food aint feeling to good either so nah im gna stand still dude

    didnt really realise the cheek of it till now though

    still love their music though and the rest of the band are great guys at least the drmmer anyways

  5. Spt on R – it was cold, wet and early, forgive us if we aren’t in the mood yet!

  6. They are just uninspired.. I dont think that there is anything wrong with them as such, but if you asked me to listen to megadeth or twin atlantic it’s not going to be a hard choice

  7. That’s it exactly Artur – they are deeply average yet seem to believe they are the re-incarnation of Nirvana. No.

  8. yeh sam can be a bit cheeky and such but he’s a frontman it’s his job 2 try 2 get the crowd going.
    they are talented and one of the best upcoming bands in the uk at the moment.
    dont need 2 slag them off just cos it’s not your type of music.
    cant wait to see wot other great things they’r gonna do this year

  9. I would humbly suggest acting like a spoiled wanker won’t get the crowd going.

    And as for his music, it really isn’t. Sub-Biffy bollocks. A really uninteresting band. Sorry Cat, but the only thing TA will do this year is annoy people.

  10. think we’ll jst hav 2 agree to disagree here, just wanted to make the point that alot of people do enjoy listening to twin and that i didnt see the need to slag off a band that are doing well and doing it on their own terms.
    defo aint annoyin me!

  11. “he’ll end up working in a record shop or a Ticketmaster, bitter beyond belief that he never made it” – funny, that’s pretty much my opinion of music “journalists”

    Twin Atlantic are a hard working band, with a decent sized fan base. One of the down-sides of becoming more well known is that people that aren’t a fan of your music will also begin to hear it. Unfortunately for them, those type of people are the most outspoken.

    On the Gaslight shows, they were a support act, they were trying to get a reaction – any reaction. The crowd wasn’t their demographic at all.

    It’s funny to read you writing about someone craving for attention and bitching about crowds, when you’re doing pretty much exactly the same.

    I’m not even saying I’m a huge fan, but you’re deluded …

    • “they were trying to get a reaction – any reaction.” Anybody can do that. You could go on dressed iin Nazi uniforms then say you know where Maddie is but you aren’t telling. it takes skill and talent to get a positive reaction.

      “The crowd wasn’t their demographic at all.” Don’t take the gig then.

      “Unfortunately for them, those type of people are the most outspoken.” Actually, his problem was that they were silent.

      Twin Atlantic are pish, their singer is hateable and they’ll be a footnote soon. End of.

    • DJ, you imply ELM is having a pop at twin Atlantic through bitterness and jealousy – we stood there at Birmingham completely open minded nd it wasn’t until I started whining about them that ELM remmbered he’d seen ’em in Scotland.

      Trust me, they were sub-Biffy, devoid of ideas and fronted by a guy who would eat himself if he was made of chocolate.

      The Gaslight crowd wqas one of the most diverse I’ve seen – indie kids, punks, students, Mondeo man and woman, Springsteen fans – so your ‘demographic’ point doesn’t hold up.

      Sorry mate, they’re gash.

    • AGREE.

      Twin were not playing to there demographic. McTrusty is a great front man and having spent time with the man I can say he is a really nice guy too.

      Before you try spending your time ripping into a young man and his dreams perhaps you could take the time to think what they’ve came from and what they are now. All in all i’d say they’ve done not bad and will continue to get bigger and bigger.

  12. Absolutely spot on review, these guys are dire.

  13. That’s us told then 🙂

    Love the piece, hate the piece, Twin Atlantic are awful and unloveable. All the words in the world won’t change that.

  14. bet they`re not even real twins either , shysters.

  15. That was the thing – I WANTED to like them. Why wouldn’t I? They were Scottish and they were about to take up 45 minutes of my time.

    As for jealousy, nope. Never learned to play anything and can’t sing. ELM is not founded on frustration. I had accepted I was never going to be a rock star before my first pube.

  16. saw them supporting the subways back in ’08 and the lead twat did the same thing, after one song complained at the audience for not being enthused to watch a wannabe biffy clyro band play, whilst waiting for the significantly superior subways.
    in fact, the reason for me stumbling upon this article was due to the fact that they crossed my mind whilst listening to the real biffy clyro and i wanted to check if someone had put this knob in his place yet, or if he had grown up. from these comments, it would appear neither.

  17. If they are wondering why they haven’t made much headway L, two years annoying audiences might explain it!

    The Subways – fine band.

  18. What does ‘sub biffy’ mean?

  19. A lesser Biffy Clyro. And they aren’t that good to begin with.

  20. Thanks for clarifying. Now I know not to take anything you say seriously.

  21. That last poster is def a member of the aforementioned shit band!

  22. No I’m not howlinwhippet, I’m not that fussed about Twin Atlantic. But to say Biffy Clyro “aren’t that good to begin with” is ridiculous. Even if you don’t like their kind of music it is obvious that they are an extremely talented band. To say otherwise is just ignorant.

  23. It really isn’t Jamie.

    The ‘extremely talented musicians’ line is trite. So they can play their instruments. Whoopty-fucking-do. I kinda take that as a given from a band.

    Musically, they are all right. No more.

    So take the fanboy glasses off and accept other people have a right to dislike music you do like and vice cersa. Somebody doesn’t like a band you do. Grow up and live with it.

  24. Well said. Biffy Clyro are utter tosh. i hate that wee hairy guy. And his guitar strap is too tight.

  25. If we’re slagging off peoples appearance whippet. I seem to remember that you were wearing some pretty fucking terrible shoes last time i saw your band……

  26. Those shoes rule and you know it!

  27. Fair enough Kirsty-Anne. And I’m glad you don’t like Skins.

  28. why do you care so much? i’m pretty sure you’ve got all the cds, posters and t-shirts. you probably travel hundreds of miles to even catch an acoustic set from the man they call sam.

    you my friend need to get out, have sex, drink a beer and stop moaning about something you DON’T HAVE to like.

    silly man.

  29. Hey there,

    Noticed a couple of wee typos in your blog.

    “Who represent and clear and present danger to your synapses.”

    “Twin Atlantic failed to meake the audience care about them at all;”

    Don’t know if you can be bothered changing them. We all know what you mean to say. Just thought I’d point them out.

    All the best,


  30. Well, what can I say. I apologise for not knowing that Sam was just following his dreams.

    Who’d have thought acting like a c*nt onstage fronting a dreary, by-numbers rock band would have been anyone’s dream, but there you go. Credit to Sam for achieving it.

  31. set down your laptop, pick up a guitar and try forming a band and then stop being a ballbag.

  32. you’ve really upset the landfill indie mob here, ELM…..

  33. Ach, they’ll grow out of it Whippet. I’m sure there were people who felt than Northern Uproar and the Gyres were destined for greater things!

  34. do you remember the drummer out of Morthern Uproar in an interview claiming that he was going to buy a casino with his 1st album proceeds? Oh dear…..

  35. howlinwinnet what a cunt you are. The drummers called keith a fucking good mate of mine he was 18 and supporting paul weller and touring places like japan when he said that about 12 fucking years ago what apart from being a cunt were you doing aged 18 you fucking prick come to fucking heald green and insult keith chadwick cunt i fucking dare you.

  36. I can’t speak for Whippet, but when I was 18 I was busy laughing my tits off at how bad Northern Uproar were.

  37. That’s too funny to even answer. Great command of the english language, though…….
    Oh and when I was 18 I was pumping your maw, if you must know……….

  38. Haha I wonder what the writer of this little review is feeling now knowing how far Twin Atlantic have come. Their fan base has increased ridiculously, they’re selling out shows, winning awards and reached number 1 on itunes in the rock chart with their latest single. For someone who said they were going to do nothing but annoy people in the next few years, you were very wrong. Just putting it out there.
    Also, they’re not a ‘sub Biffy Clyro’ band, the only similarity between the two is the Scottish background. jeeze. everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but you shouldn’t voice yours as if it’s correct and shout people down for disagreeing. there’s no need to feel such hatred to Sam, ok you don’t like the guy – we got that the first time – but seriously? seems like you’re a bit jealous…

  39. “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but you shouldn’t voice yours as if it’s correct” – Do you go around voicing your opinion and saying ‘of course, I think my opinion is wrong’? If you don’t think your opinion is right…why is it your opinion?!

    Secondly, jealous of their success? I wrote this piece two years ago, before they’d had any. How could I be jealous of something that didn’t exist?

    As for the whole jealousy argument, it’s incredibly disingenuous (look it up.) That argument attempts to invalidate anyone’s opinion for the crime of disagreeing. That’s pathetic, dangerous and downright fascistic. Are you not allowed to dislike an act without being accused of an ulterior motive? I think Nicki Minaj is shite – is it jealousy? I also adore Alex Chilton, but you couldn’t have paid me to have his life.

    You sound like a the worst type of fan boy, the type who cannot take any criticism of their heroes without petting your lip and weeping like a child. That’s more than a fan – it’s a fanatic, and the world could do with a lot less of those.

    Twin Atlantic are utter pish. The fact that they are doing okay just proves, again, that the world is full of morons. That’s not news.

    The world needs people like that or people with brains wouldn’t rise to the top.

    • An opinion and a fact are two completely different things! If I don’t like tomatoes then that doesn’t mean they’re disgusting for everyone! If you don’t like Twin Atlantic that doesn’t mean they are ‘pish’ to everyone. People like different things and you shouldn’t feel the need to shout people down for disagreeing with you. I think you need to invest in this book ‘I am right you are wrong’ it’s all about how what you think is an OPINION and you shouldn’t feel the need to voice it as a fact. Ok you don’t like Twin Atlantic, I think they’re pretty good but that doesn’t make either one of us right or wrong. You don’t need to write a whole essay backing up your opinion

  40. But that’s sort of the point of a site…

    It would be fairly boring if someone wrote ‘here’s this band, not my cup of tea, still….’!

    You don’t have to agree with me. In fact you are more than entitled to disagree with me. That’s why we have a comments section and why we don’t edit or delete posts! Me disliking TA shouldn’t make you like them any less.

    Have confidence in your opinions! If you think TA are brilliant, don’t let comments from some arsehole on the internet colour that!

    • Haha thank you! I just didn’t like the way it had evolved into an argument in the comments section over opinions! But other than that your review is good and very entertaining, I’ll give you credit for that

  41. Very mature, ELM. I still think TA are cunts, though. Actually, I’ve never heard them and don’t care to.

  42. Bet you feel a bit of an arse hole now. How does being passionate about his music make him a ‘bawbag.” Enjoy writing your shitty reviews whilst they are off doing something they love.

    • Peter Sutcliffe was off doing something he loved, didn’t make it right. And being ‘passionate’ didn’t make him a bawbag, being a bawbag did.

      As for feeling silly…why? They were shite, they are shite, and I was well ahead of the curve in calling it. I feel great! It’s Justin Bieber with guitars, aimed at halfwits and teenage morons. So hey, it’s not really aimed at people like me, it’s aimed at people like, you know, you. So you enjoy it!

    • Actually totally agree with this comment tbh.

  43. Pretty appalled to be honest. I’m sorry you don’t like them, but you really seem to hate them! They have been one of my favourite bands for over two years now. Why do you feel the need to knock young bands down? If you listen to some of their lyrics, they are very inspirational, and the band is growing largely. They would play on the main stage of T-in the park I they thought no one would turn up, would they?

    • I don’t feel the need to attack all young bands, just rubbish ones who act like complete arseholes. Music is subjective, and what you like and what I like are totally different…and that’s fine. My problem with Twin Atlantic is that they demanded respect from people without earning it, and insulted paying customers because of their own shortcomings. That’s appalling behaviour, and it’s not excusable just because you like their music.

  44. Feel like you have sorted wasted your time on this, because they are getting really big now with their new album ‘Free’ and will continue to do so. People like them! So let them! Not everyone thinks they are ‘pish’!

  45. You just said the problem you had with them was Sam McTrusty’s attitude and ‘how they demanded respect without earning it’. There’s no need to rant on saying how they aren’t good and are ‘shite’.

    They are clearly musically good. They write their own music and to a high standard (unlike people like One Direction and Bieber). They have talent! If you say they’re not good, that’s just because the music isn’t to your taste and that’s fair enough; but there’s no need to attempt to persuade their fans that they are pish. It’s your opinion, you’ve written a good review about it but you don’t need to argue with every person commenting just because their beliefs about Twin differ from yours.

  46. Go watch them play their own headline show before slagging them off. Sam is a better frontman than most. Obviously you’re going to try and get a crowd going. That’s a support bands job. And also: look at them now. Bite your tongue next time. Sure give your opinion but there’s no need to go that far, they are most definitely not ‘pish’. I’ve followed them from the start and I can honestly say they are the nicest guys and are extremely talented. They’ll be around for a while because they actually have substance to their music.

  47. I hope the guy who wrote this now understands how wrong he was. Twin Atlantic happen to have resently finished a sold out UK tour, are in the process of writting a follow up album for 2011’s Free which got to number one in the iTunes rock chart, their fanbase is increasing rapidly and they soundtracked Redbull’s space skydive. Pretty impressive for a band “floating on their own miasma of dullness” don’t you think? Oh and by the way, if you’d ever met any member of Twin you would realise they are the furthest thing from “bawbags” possible and Sam McTrusty is a brilliant front man. I hope you’re eating your words.

    • No, they’re pish. As hard rocking as One Direction but with slightly better record collections. All their fans are dippy teenagers, proving yet again that teenagers are stupid. Luckily, most of them grow out of it.

      • Describing them as “pish” isn’t making your argument any stronger, man. And I’m sure if you went to a headline show of there’s you would realise none of that is true. But whatever, you can keep on defending what you said about them but I think you just judged them too early and if you saw them now you’d think differently. Also, don’t think teenages would be best pleased with that comment. Pretty sure they have a massive part in the music industry and what they think matters.

      • Nothing teenagers think matters. They all come to realise this when they grow up and, trust me, it will happen to you.

        Your parents were right…

    • I agree. Talent-wise Sam is a brilliant guy. They are good live, and that is how one really evaluates if a band is good or not. The writer of this article is a douche bag.

  48. Reading this review clearly shows you know nothing of Twin Atlantic or what they stand for. I have followed them from the beginning and not only are they incredible artists, they are genuine, hard-working and caring people. Their music may not speak to you, but it speaks to a lot of people, not only ‘dippy teenagers’ once you read between the lines and suss the real meaning of their lyrics. Of course Sam is cheeky, that is part of his charm, if people take his words the wrong way – that is their problem, and yours, not his.

    It is unfortunate you don’t relate to their music, or seemingly have had an unpleasant experience at their live shows, but your word does not speak for everybody. So perhaps it’s about time you stopped thinking you are entirely write, especially as a writer, you should know that opinions differ, not one right and not one wrong.

    I say this as a fan, who Twin Atlantic, Sam in particular has helped through some hard times. So to read that somebody thinks he is a ‘bawbag’ is seen as an utter disgrace in my eyes, for the guy you are talking about is the guy who does care for his fans, and never wants to offend or hurt anybody.
    If In future you ever reconsider perhaps going to another show, I hope you have the chance to get to talk to Sam, Barry, Craig and Ross properly. You would soon realise that this review is inaccurate in many forms.

  49. if they are pish how come they toured with biffy???

  50. Spot on. And great responses too!

    What really frustrates me is that for all the great bands we have here in Scotland, it’s the MOR pish from Biffy Clyro and Twin Atlantic that seems to be finding the most success, I just do not get the appeal.

    My hatred for both bands would be a lot less if they didn’t sing with that horrible faux-American nasal whine. It’s like nails down a blackboard.

  51. The first time I heard Twin Atlantic was this year on Xfm and I honestly thought it sounded like One Direction trying their hand with some riffier music. Maybe that reflects badly on my boy band street cred but I was mystified, and still am, as to why Xfm continued to play their songs (although to be fair I can’t recall hearing the most recent single that is being thrashed on other radio stations).

    Intensely annoying music and even more so now that I’ve read the above! It’s one thing to churn out crap like this in full knowledge that your bubble-gummers and gummy goths will pay your bills…fair enough, in a way. But It’s another story to churn it out and consider yourself an artist, with a sense of entitlement to boot….cringe-worthy

  52. Absolutely. It’s not even in the same league!

  53. The only thing I’ve heard of their output is the first 15 seconds of their new album and I couldn’t agree more. It made me feel physically ill.

  54. Sorry bruh but Twin Atlantic is getting bigger now.

  55. You were clearly right about this. Just saw them headline Brixton academy. They were obviously going nowhere…….. Gutted!

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