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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Is that it? – Bands who you loved till you saw them live

Life is full of disappointments, but there is something uniquely depressing about a band you’ve raved about failing when it matters. However, it can be beaten; namely when you see band whose performance not only leaves you cold, but actually manages to turn you off them for good.

First Aid Kit (pictured) did that to ELM last year. Having raved about their debut mini-album Drunken Trees, we gave them the full build-up when they toured with Fanfarlo. Phrases like ‘not to be missed’ were bandied about without due care and attention. Then we witnessed them. Two very attractive teenage girls, they were annoying in the way only the young can be. Badly misreading their status – they were a support act at King Tuts; not quite Zeppelin at Knebworth – they were unquestionably talented, with the lovelorn songs of the record performed competently, their gorgeous harmonies intertwining like duelling snakes to create something very listenable indeed. But by God were they annoying. Full of inopportune ‘woos!’ and ‘heys!’ and speaking in put-on American accents (they’re Swedish) they were as bad as anything one witnesses on those MTV shows called ‘My Super Sweet 16th New Toy in the OC’.

They really blew it when they came on after Fanfarlo to announce that they would be singing an encore with the main act – lucky us – if the crowd cheered loudly enough. Cue an unamused Glasgow audience collectively emoting the words ‘are you fucking joking, love?’ They didn’t takethe hint and performed an execrable mini-skit of saying ‘hey, okay then, we won’t’ and then standing there all embarrassed as Fanfarlo walked on behind them to smart. you could tell by the body language that they really expected the headliners to come on and, in full support, announce that us ungrateful bastards could fuck off and die. We weren’t rocking to First Aid Kit standards, you see.

So that was it for me. Now when I hear them, the memory of that forces any pleasure at the sound out of my brain. I still think they’ll do well, but I won’t be one of the cheerleaders.

Have you experienced this? Who did this to you? Let us know!


8 Responses

  1. First one that springs to mind always is Happy Mondays who were so terrible we left after the third song. They were all too out their tits to realise the third song was a repeat of Kinky Afro – repeating a song within the first 3 is a bit extreme!!

    Ocean Colour Scene sucked big time as well, they were too boring for words live.

    Tiny Dancers I seem to remember seemed a bit sinister so I didn’t enjoy their set much although I still like quite a few of their songs so it didn’t put me off too much.

    Last but not least We Are Performance I saw a few times but the last time wasn’t pleasant so I’ve never been back. I still love their tunes though!

  2. i liked Willy Mason’s first album, and went to see him after the second one came out.
    He had a band with him which was fair enough, and then 3 or 4 songs in he said, “Now, I’m going to leave you with my band” and fucked off.
    He came back after 5 strange people had played 3 or 4 songs no one knew or wanted to hear, and then played some more with them, before fucking off again while his band played some of their songs.

    I have not listened to a single one of his songs since that night. cheeky twat.

  3. I remember that gig in the ABC, he looked as though he had been eating all the pies

    I still like Oxygen though

  4. On one of the occassions I went to see my beloved Black Crowes the bassist ( johnny colt) and other guitarist( marc ford ) were so junked up that Rich Robinson had to play a little bit of the intro to each song before they could start it ; needless to say they left due to” musical differences” following that tour ; the following Crowes album had a song ” Horsehead ” dedicated to them and their habit .


  5. this site needs a function that lets you correct spelling mistakes,

    yours in pedantry,


  6. Fcuk of Disty.

  7. theirs know caul fore roodness.

  8. cnuts

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