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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

What’s Going On – New Releases 15/03/2010

On her debut single, Cheryl Cole wanted to fight for this love because – and I’m quoting her here – ‘if it’s worth having it’s worth fighting for.’ She’s wise beyond her years, that one. Because with value comes purpose. Sometimes, the act is a measure of the worth.

But I don’t feel like this today. Frankly, this lot are not worth the effort. This could well be the worst day for new releases since New Coke. Honestly, it is difficult after reading what the Great British Public can find in HMV today to summon up enough energy to slap finger to key.

Bit, I think of Cheryl, national treasure that she is, and all that she went through with that Ashley. (I could tell he were no good, that one – had a funny look about him in his eyes.) And, I realize if she can do it, for all our sakes, then I can too. So here we go:

Glee CastGlee: The Music, Volume 2

Aye, well. Nothing against the show, which isn’t bad, but High School Musical re-workings of songs selling millions just seems sad, somehow. If you want ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ – and you should, it will vastly improve your till-now-wretched life – then buy the Journey original. It’s much better.

SugababesSweet 7

Still, this makes Glee look like Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Sugababes now don’t have any original Sugababes, their audience is now too old to buy this shit and the new generation of kids think they are as naff as a hoodie on the Home Secretary.  Who is this album for, then? No-one. And no-one will buy it, and they will then split up.

The White StripesUnder Great White Northern Lights

There’s very little middle ground with the White Stripes. You either see them as one of the most important and original band of the last decade or a rather dull one-trick pony with a great gimmick. This live album, as live albums are wont to do, will only harden the respective ideologies. As live albums go, it’s decent. Recorded on a Canadian tour of small venues, it has a smattering of unusual tracks, lots of guitar widdling and screaming from Jack and plenty of tubthumping from Meg. Whether you will like it or not depends very much on whether you already like the White Stripes, really.

Goldheart Assembly Wolves & Thieves

Album of the day by some considerable distance this week. though that’s more a reflection on the competition. After making waves in the underground, the Goldheart Assembly will ride into the gap created by Mumford and Sons and sell some records. If you own Fleet Foxes or Magic Numbers records, you’ll pretty much have heard this stuff fairly recently, but it’s a sunny, bright and often-engaging album. You won’t ever listen to it again after about July, but if you are wondering which one to go for this week, this is the one.

So a bad week, but something could reach us next week which changes our lives forever, so hang in there. Think of Cheryl.


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