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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

2010 – Who will you be hearing about?

It’s freezing, you are skint, you are back at work and you are stone heavier than you were three weeks ago. Your liver is currently speaking to lawyers to see if it can legally divorce you on the grounds of cruelty and you’ve had to accept that you have just wasted another year, watched as it rolled past you with nothing to show for it apart from a slightly smaller credit card debt and a slightly bigger bald spot. You could really do with something to cheer you up.

And you are in the right place! For honesty. You’re fucked and you have serious issues. We can’t help you. Do we look like we can? We are a music site, not a drop-in centre for punters with SAD. Christ.

I kid! I kid because I love. Yes, yes, it’s depressing. So focus on the positive. New Year means new things. And especially new bands. Or at least bands who threaten to make this year their year. We look at five of the most likely and give you an honest assessment.

Delphic – Manchester lads with as much interest in New Order as The Smiths, Delphic impressed us live with their curious electronica/trad indie fusion last year. They release their debut this month and it is tipped to hit the same button the Klaxons did, though in a less obvious and irritating way. Delphic’s key strength is their restraint – although occasionally moving towards a rave sound, they’ve avoided the traps of making everything scattergun and explosive for the sake of it.  It’s so now it hurts, of course, but they could be the festival hit of the summer.

The Drums – Already a favourite here at ELM Towers, the New York hotties look likely to follow in the footsteps of Vampire Weekend by being bankably odd and familiar at the same time. They mine the traditional surf-pop-done-by-the-Velvets seam that teenagers think no-one else has ever come up with before, but they add in a whack of early Cure-style technicolour to spice it up a bit and the effect is really rather pleasing. Occasionally they sound like they could be the soundtrack to a low-budget John Hughes homage. This is a good thing.

Hurts – Shut the door! Turn the light off! It’s coming, it’s coming! Argggggh! Too late; Gary Numan is back and he’s influencing people like this implausibly retro Manc duo to make slow funereal Casio muzak! Initial sightings see them as a bit style over substance, but behind the artifice there are some nice touches and an ear for a decent tune. Will appeal to people who prefer their Human League pre-Dare, i.e. Stuart Maconie and the then-bass players Mum. Shit name, too. If you can imagine a synth White Lies with  more pretentions, you’re getting there.

Marina and the Diamonds – Marina Diamandis (pictured) has been categorized quickly as quirky and flamboyant in the music press, with the BBC going so far as to describe her as “a young Liza Minnelli was starring in a Broadway musical telling Tori Amos’s life story”. She also references herself in her new single ‘Hollywood’. So far, so Paloma Faith. Unlike Faith, she is very good-looking. Which, I’ll grant you, isn’t much comfort if you actually have to listen to her. Which you will, because she is a publicist’s wet dream. Is she any good? Does it matter? Like the poor and the war in Afghanistan, she’s going to be around. Get used to it.

Two Door Cinema Club – Northern Ireland has a rich and varied history of great pop bands. The Undertones. Ash. Puppy Love Bomb. Well, okay, two then. But Two Door Cinema Club might just be about to add to the canon. Straightforward, simple and joyous, they have a youthful innocence which may serve them well. Admittedly, it may be in McDonalds this time next year, but such is life.

So there you go. If any of them hit it big, remember where you heard it first. And join a gym. You know it makes sense.


2 Responses

  1. Has anyone heard marina and diamonds? let me save your ears, she’s fucking shite. There, job done.

  2. Succinct yet evocative GGM!

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