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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Grizzly Bear – Glasgow ABC2

GBVespertine on the happening Yanks –

Last time GB played Glasgow it was in the extremely intimate surroundings of Nice n Sleazy and so something has clearly been happening for them in the interim. That something is the album ‘Vekatamist’ and the live shows that have accompanied it. The album is this year’s left field guitar slow burner…..and a very busy venue for what is a fairly cold and dreich night shows that people are buying into their sumptuous blend of reverb, stop/start dynamics and close vocal harmonies.

The sound is superb and the band tighter than a coat of paint. Some technical problems strike early on but are overcome to our relief as the band are not amongst rock’s great on stage wits. They seem nervous, slightly awe struck at the reception and far keener to play their songs than talk about them.

Daniel Rosen and Ed Droste supply the lead vocals and while the former sings the majority of the songs the audience appear to love Droste’s ‘Two Weeks’ which by their standards is a simple and sweet song. Many of the songs are more complicated in their rhythms and pacing and whilst this is superbly recreated live there is a nagging feeling that they can sound a tad samey – the few acoustic based songs worked well and could perhaps have been more numerous.

hen it works it works extraordinarily well such as on ‘Knife’ and ‘While You Wait For The Others’ but the feeling remains for me that they could drop a song or two or work in some more acoustic based songs to offer contrast to their stock in trade sound. But this is a minor quibble…they are young, inexperienced and new to playing venues this large.

Overall? They seemed genuinely delighted to be playing and to be so well received. The material was mainly drawn from the new album and its predecessor ‘Yellow House’ which ELM types should also check out. Go on – you’ll like this mob.


4 Responses

  1. Yello. While I think that I am more positive overall on the band, I agree with your acoustic remarks insofar as they preferably should not shun their more folky first album in the way that they seem to be doing on this tour and that while Two Weeks is a highly catchy tune, it is crazy to see the band through that prism alone (as so many people seem to).

    Did you catch St Vincent as support?

  2. I hadn’t listened to them before and I now just have..I like..a lot..nice review and article..:)

  3. Wasn’t me there LOZ, was Vespertine.

  4. I was there LMO, St Vincent was very good, even if the reception was rather muted – ABC has an early curfew, due to student night, so the support is on super early, and venue was less than half full when she started. Thoroughly enjoyed GB, am absolutely loving the latest album, must get more stuff.

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