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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

MOBO’s – “Glasgow not sexy and a very white city”

MOBOPoor Glasgow. The rarely relevant MOBO’s come to town tonight and the second city of the empire is copping the blame for their failure to attract big name attractions to the event. According to someone called Paul McKenzie, former MOBO panellist, “The real problem is getting the stars to go to Glasgow. I can understand why the MOBOs went to Glasgow – because they were having problems getting the council to foot the bill for security. But it simply doesn’t work.

“Glasgow just isn’t sexy and it’s a very white city. Even Leeds, Cardiff or Birmingham would have made more sense. It’s not a big draw for US artists. They’ve really struggled to get the big stars. Ask any American artist where Scotland is and they’d probably struggle.”

So there you have it. Jay-Z doesn’t fancy Glasgow, but stick him up in the Travelodge in Wakefield and he’d be here in a heartbeat. It is, of course, pish. Glasgow is not a ‘very white city’. It has a massive and visible Asian community who are as Glaswegian as the Clyde. What Paul means is that Glasgow does not have a huge black community, which is not the same thing. It also does not have a massive rap or r’n’b scene, which is not uncommon for any major UK city not called ‘London.’

What is also quite amusing is his assertion that any American artist would struggle to find Scotland on a map. That’s probably true, but I love the fact that he reckons they’d be so much more comfortable if they were asked to find Cardiff. The fact is that Jay-Z played Glasgow a fortnight ago, and has done so many times in the past. The fact also remains that the MTV awards in Edinburgh – a far ‘whiter’ city than Glasgow – drew all the big names it invited. Why? Because those awards still have a little prestige to them.

Paul can bleat about location all he wants, the fact is that the MOBO’s didn’t ever matter much and matter even less now. It’s not about celebrating black music, it’s not about building a platform for struggling black artists; nominees include Eminem and Lady GaGa,w ho are both whiter than Gordon Brown’s willy.  No, it’s just another chance for people from record companies to get together and get pissed whilst trying to shill more product. Glasgow is far too sensible a city to grind to a halt for this non-event.


11 Responses

  1. Daft racist awards in the first place. The ‘race to host’ these awards saw NO clamour at all from us weegies

    Imagine ELM wrote:

    “Birmingham is not an exciting city, and it’s full of blacks.”

    You’d be sued in seconds.

    • Yeezareawwankers, n’at.

      Birmingham is a fantastic city and refreshingly free of a ‘certain type of person I’m not allowed to refer to because this isn’t a football site’ 🙂

      I do love TRSD’s outrage at money spent on hosting a music show, posted on a music site.

      • ” I do love TRSD`s outrage at money spent on hosting a music show , posted on a music site ”

        Tom , Im sure youve got a point to make , somewhere.

  2. Well, not for the first part. Not a court in the land could convict me of that.

  3. In fairness the council did more damage than the Luftwaffe to B’ham….

  4. The luftwaffe bombed Clydebank and did £20 million worth of improvement……..

  5. Id like to know how much of my council tax went toward footing the bill for this pile of pish.

    In all honesty I feel a serious rant coming on…

  6. They’d have been better off hosting MOPO:

    Music of Pastels Origin

    Would have sold out the SECC twice over….

  7. It never seems to recognise black music that hasn’t sold a gazillion copies though. Odd that.

  8. Tom – Dusty is perfectly entitled to question why the Council, in a time of service cutbacks, chose to spend so much on an event which benefitted the city’s inhabitants precisely none.

    Ordinary Weegies couldn’t get near the bloody thing, despite paying for it.

  9. exactly homeboy !

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