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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

F*cking January – Let’s Have A Song To Cheer Us All Up!

It’s a terrible time of the year, this. The Christmas Spirit has been got at, drank and pissed down the back of the sofa. The credit card bills are coming in, it’s absolutely freezing and we don’t have all that much to look forward to. Summer seems a while away and the papers are basically predicting that this looks like the first year of the apocalypse.

So, let’s turn to our old friend music to cheer us up! What should the ELM crew be listening to this weather?


12 Responses

  1. How about “Its The End Of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)” by the mighty Rapid Eye?
    Its got that great drunk shouty bit “Leonard Bernstein!!!!” at the pause which is life-affirming if ever I’ve heard life -affirming.
    In fact, all the fast ones off of Murmur, Chronic Town and Reckoning, too.
    Oh, and Teenage Fanclub are always good to cheer one up. Makes you think summery thoughts.
    Chin up ELM.

  2. Aw, howlin, you big softie.

    The alternaitve is obviously to not cheer up and embrace misery with both hands. Anyone for a bit of Mogwai?

  3. R.E.M. is a good shout. As is The Clash. And The Jam. And The Mary Chain. And Henry Rollins!

  4. I have a ‘classic tracks’ compilation I made up for the car and that’s been about it! It is awesome though: Dylan, Creedence, Led Zep, Stones, lots of soul and blues….not a lot of modern indie but I doubt i’m missing much…..

  5. I got the new motown compilation for Christmas , and its proving to be a bit of a lifesaver for January. That and the alcohol.

  6. Tom Petty. He always cheers me up. That and the alcohol. I agree with you there GGM.

  7. ….and do not forget Sun King by The Cult. “Oooh hot damn, mercy maaaam!”

  8. Legs by ZZTop. But only for the video!

  9. Also great is Amadou and Miriam’s ‘Welcome to Mali’……very uplifting for January.

  10. Mr. Wendell by Arrested Development. That’s a toon.

  11. Oh fuck off Bertrand with your trendy world music pish!

  12. Now that’s harsh.

    But fair 🙂

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