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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Lambchop – Glasgow Oran Mór

Kurt WagnerWhen this gig was first announced, the venue was slated to be the Glasgow ABC which, while not being Wembley Stadium, is positively cavernous in comparison to Oran Mór. Situated in the heart of Glasgow’s ‘cosmopolitan’ West End – ‘cosmopolitan’, in this instance, being code for ‘full of students and wankers’ – it’s a nice venue and provides respite for music lovers from fannies dressed in Halloween costumes. Note; this is a practice which should cease when you are 11, and cease forever. We are British. Fancy dress is for Americans.

So it seems Lambchop have been downgraded, and even then, look to have failed to sell out the venue. The band arrive on stage at 8.30 – all gigs in here must finish by 10 as a club plays after it; rock’n’roll will never die – to a compact and bijou audience. By the looks of things, maybe it’s half-full.

Kurt Wagner has the (probably deserved) reputation of a man who is not prone to self-deprecation about his work. Indeed, his seriousness is legendary. Yet tonight, perched atop a piano stool to play his guitar – why not? – he seems almost playful. And his reward is a hall getting fuller and fuller with each moment, until you realise it’s packed to the rafters and it hits you; most people weren’t aware the gig had been moved. They’d turned up at the wrong hall.

As gigs go, though, it’s pretty special. In a seven piece band featuring four guitarists – honest – you’d expect some swamping but, almost incredibly for a Glasgow venue, you don’t get any. The sound is perfect, absolutely crystal clear – a kaleidoscope of interlocking parts forming a musical jigsaw of something really quite beautiful.

The set relies heavily on new album ‘OH (Ohio)’ which is fine by me as it is one of the year’s finest. Wagner’s voice is very much Marmite, but if you like it, you’ll love the haunting styles and textures. It’s not all serious – the band don eye patches and false moustaches for ‘National Talk Like a Pirate Day’ (it’s okay, they are American) – but on songs such as ‘A Hold of You’ it’s genuinely emotional, almost soul music.

They get their hour and a half – the venue, says Wagner, insist that that’s it – which is terrific if you were here at half eight but a total pisser if you got in at half nine like half the audience. That’s not the bands fault though; they can only play to what’s in front of them. And after such a taut, polished set which manages to be both widescreen and intimate, they certainly didn’t disappoint.


2 Responses

  1. I just bore witness to a Lambchop show in Asheville, NC on a Valentine’s night “date” with my wife of 28 years. They are likely the last of the romantics; beautifulness seemed to be the order of the night. What a dreamy sound! As subjective as the music experience is, I thought I heard shades of Neu, Burt Bacharach, and Bob Seger all intriguingly messed-up, like dreams, you know? We were won over by Kurt’s charm, heart and impressionist songs and delivery steering this odd ghost ship.

    Generally, the postpost 1990 indie thang is too precious for my taste, everyone seems to be competing to see who can embroider the most ostentatious, ragtag, pain-in-my-chest-oh-i-need-some-smack heart on their sleeve and i just have trouble buying it, or even downloading it. But this is modern music that doesn’t groan or whimper.

    On the encore he called his wife and Lambchop played a song for her. When it was finished he picked up the phone and asked her,” that wasn’t too loud was it, dear? I’ll be home in a few hours.”

  2. It’s honest, and odd, and strange and comforting music Sluggomatic. They are, as you say, a strange ship on a weird voyage but it is a lot of fun checking in with them.

    Also, I have never seen a band who can combine so many instruments yet still keep the sound so pristine and clear.

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