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    • Tickets bought to see @LukeHaines_News in Glasgow on May 13. No idea how he was persuaded to venture up North but bloody delighted. 5 months ago
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    extremelisteningmode on Our new least favourite band…
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    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…
    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

It’s Wednesday – What’s New With You? # 4

Regular readers may recall that a few weeks ago I mentioned I’d got into bed with the man and purchased an iPod. Some reader response was somewhat critical of this decision, it’s fair to say. In amongst this was a recommendation not to use iTunes and instead to use emusic.

Now, I’d always downloaded most of my stuff from a wholly, totally legitimate Russian website, and I’m sure the artists involved always made what they were due from it. Well, mostly anyway. But I’d been encouraged to go to emusic because it’s cheap, it’s moral and best of all it recommends the type of music I’d want to be downloading.

So this week I went in and came away with Marching Band’s ‘Spark Large’. It’s a very bright, very pastoral collection of lovely, velvet pop songs that only Scandinavians seem capable of. I’d hazard a guess that they’ve listened to ‘Chutes Too Narrow’ by The Shins once or twice in their formative years, and there are also echoes of fellow Scandinavians The Kings Of Convenience and Jose Gonzalez. It’s very delicate and rather ambitious in places. Have a listen to ‘For Your Love’ and you may be right back in the Summer. Well, a summer many moons ago when we had sunny days, but still, you know what I’m driving at here.

In terms of back catalogue classics, I also stuck on ‘You’re Living All Over Me’ by Dinosaur Jr. This was the debut from the Boston noiseniks, and loud and weird and wonderful it is. J Mascis sclerotic guitar genius is at it’s fundamentally mental best, and the band avoid the pop excesses of later work. It’s actually unsurprising that Mascis covered and toured with The Cure. They both share a love of bright, throw lots of primary colours against a wall pop, but there’s a fractured edge under all the glorious melody. And, in Dinosaur Jr’s case, a sense that everything is going to collapse at any time.

Highly recommended. Now let’s see your fuckin’ cards….


10 Responses

  1. Well, I hate to admit it, but between my new found obsession with The Wire, and my shiny new Wii (thank you birthday Santa), I’;ve not been listening to much new stuff.

    That said, I dug out Pinkterton by Weezer the other day for the car, and I’m bloody glad I did. By far and away their best album, IMHO, and sounding as fresh as it did when it came out – and a damn site more original than a lot of the tosh kicking around in recent times (including, lets be fair, Weezers own recent releases).

    Listen to it for Pink Triangle alone – the single best song about unrequited love for a lesbian EVER.

  2. It’s not Dinosaur Jr’s debut… sorry to pick you incomparable fool.

    Who cares if music sites are legal?

  3. Where are you up to on The Wire, Good God Man?
    I’ve only 2 eps of season 5 to go…

  4. Midway through season 2. We had season 1 sitting in our house for 6 months before we watched it. What a waste!

    Still, i get the feeling by the time I get to where you are I’ll wish for the days when I hadn’t seen it, so I had it all to enjoy for the first time.

    I hoestly think it is the very best thing I have ever watched on a television. Including The Sopranos.

  5. Piss, I forgot about the eponymous one. and I fucking bought it three weeks agi. Bollocks.

  6. ELM – sorry for being pithy but factchecking rocks.

    GGM – Season 2 is cracking but a massive change of pace… It’s all great stuff but midway through season three I started thinking ‘by Christ, this is actual, genuine genius’.

    You have so much fun coming your way, especially in season 3 & 4 you lucky, lucky sod.

  7. I had series 1 of the wire for a year before I watched it. My french inlaws lent it to us and there was French on the box so I assumed it was in French and avoided it- what a waste of potential wire watching time! Love it, watched 1-4 and am saving series 5 for the Christmas hols – merry Christmas mos def!
    Did think it was funny when Aidan Gillen turned up, only time I’ve seen him before was in Queer as folk.

  8. Not watched The Wire yet.

    Musically I am very much appreciating:

    1. Tindersticks: ‘The Hungry Saw’
    2. Palace Music: ‘Greatest Palace Music’
    3. Lambchop: ‘OH Ohio’
    4. Joanna Newsom: ‘Ys’
    5. Husker Du: ‘Candy Apple Grey’

  9. Christ! It’s him from Queer As Folk!


    I honestly didn’t realise that. He rocks a quiff and no mistake.

  10. Back listening to Why?’s Alopecia this week. A damn fine album.

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