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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

The Wednesday ‘What’s New With You?’. On A Thursday.

I’ve finally succumbed. After years of ignoring them, then decrying them and then finally simply feeling superior because I didn’t own one like all the other mindless sheep, I’ve bought an iPod. Now, there were good reasons for this; I’d happily been a disciple of Creative Zens for a while, but didn’t have much luck with them. The first one, lovely little thing that it was, shuffled off this mortal coil in the manner of a beloved family pet – I went through one morning to play with it and found it, metaphorically speaking, with its legs in the air having breathed its last. The second one, a nice little credit card sized one with a nifty range of extras, lost a titanic struggle with a hot cycle after my missus accidentally stuck it in the washing machine.

So, with a bit of unexpected cash falling into my pocket, a heavy heart and a tear in either eye, I headed off to the Apple store. I knew what I wanted. I still dislike iPods, with their funny faces and twisty-turny things, but I have always secretly loved my friends iTouch. You can get t’internet on it! In coffee shops and shit! It’s smashing and sleek and sexy and yes, I’m in love with it.

But the truly bestest bit about it is that, when you have connected to the interweb through one of them connections that don’t have wires (‘wireless’, where I come from, will always be the turn for a transistor radio) is that you can just go straight to iTunes and download a tune. So hearing a new song, or reading about something you find interesting you just go by it. And so – big build-up, I’ll grant you – I’ve come to this week’s recommendation, ‘The ’59 Sound’ by The Gaslight Anthem.

It’s very traditional, indeed, thrillingly so, and their New Jersey heritage is very prominent with repeated mean street allegories, dreams of escape and the usual cars and girls escapades. There are echoes of Springsteen, The Hold Steady (though less bookish and knowing) and, especially, The Replacements. There is a bit of Tom Petty at his early days urgent best and, for those who remember them, the Gin Blossoms. It is derivative, but it does contain that essential ingredient which marks out those aping their heroes against those who have the potential to make something new for themselves. What is it Simon Cowell calls it again?

So, especially with my new toy to play with, what is going on with you, musically speaking? What should I be spending my hard-earned on? Let me know! Especially since this feature has had a few weeks off, I’m hoping to be flooded in quality suggestions!

And yes, I know it’s Thursday. I just didn’t want to waste another alliterative title.

4 Responses

  1. The ipod is the devils work. It takes over your computer and sounds as tinny as fuck. Also, the discs that you burn off of itunes are dead quiet and compressed sounding.
    I went for a Sony Walkman mp3 player this time and its 100 times better sound wise than any ipod I’ve heard or owned. And it looks better.

  2. It sounds magic and looks fucking great!

  3. iPod is an apple classic, style over substance. Think I’d rather jerk out an eyeball and start tugging on the old fella with the optical chord than buy into the whole apple iTunes iPod iDontGiveAShit iBranding clusterfuck. Each to their own but its a fucking shiny con with which to show the Jones that you’re a latte drinking ‘hipster’ that wants to ‘think different’. You and the other hundred million saps. Cunto! 😉


  4. Of course it’ style over substance, it’s made by Apple. That’s what they do.

    And I’ve spent years deliberately not using one to show the latte drinking hipsters how fucking cool and rebellious I am. And now I came to the conclusion that I’ll just buy the one I want and fuck everyone else. 🙂

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