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    extremelisteningmode on Our new least favourite band…
    Sam on Our new least favourite band…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…
    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Wednesday – What’s New With You? # 1

When we started ELM, we were clear on a couple of things; we would respect our audience deeply, whilst ignoring any and all requests from them. It seemed simpler, and this isn’t a democracy, it’s a fairly totalitarian dictatorship. But over the months, the sheer quality of the responses made us realise that hey, our readers were a bright bunch. More importantly, they had some cool tastes in music. And if ELM is about anything, it’s all about the sharing.

So in response to an idea from The Real Slim Dusty, we are introducing a new semi-regular feature. Every midweek we want to know what you are grooving to, and more importantly, why. it can be a brand spanking new album, a tune you’ve just got your ears on, a classic you are revisiting, a band you’d forgotten about and just rediscovered – anything.

A few rules; don’t shoot your bolt by recommending everything in your collection on week one. Debate is encouraged but absolutely no haranguing anyone for poor tastes, except Glasvegas, obviously, though the odd witty decimation of everything someone believes in is fine. Please report back with your findings – did you like or dislike something you heard about from a fellow reader? If so, why? No dating. I will not be held accountable for some of the unravelled minds which frequent this website creating offspring. I just won’t.

It’s sort of the musical equivalent of Jesse’s Diets from The Fast Show – ‘This week I have mostly been listening to….’ You may think this is just a way of me getting you to write content for the site, and a transparent one at that; and you’d be right.  But come on, you do it anyway, now you are just doing it officially.

I’ll kick us off;

The Replacements  – Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was?

Heading down to Newcastle to see The Hold Steady recently, I saw this in the store and bought it for the journey. I’ve got all the Replacements albums, so strictly speaking it was a waste of money, but I thought it would make the journey pass quicker. And did it ever. Hands up; I’d got out of the habit of listening to The Mats, and that makes me a moron. They were great; snotty, lazy, surly, funny and above all, drunk. This is a great album for tracking their journey from bratty hardcore punks through to great American songwriters.

One could argue that ‘All Shook Down’ – a wonderful album chronicling of the end of the journey, so poignant it’s actually difficult to listen to in places – is under-represented but that’s the fan boy in me. So many great songs, but if you are downloading go for ‘Left of the Dial’ – this website was originally going to be named after this, the best song about being a bit different ever – or ‘Unsatisfied’ a truly thunderous and gut wrenching account of a relationship that has gone wrong and nobody knowing why. Or ‘Alex Chilton’, the best song written about the Big Star genius. Possibly the only one, but still. Or ‘Skyway’ or….fuck it, all of it.

There are also two new tunes for diehard Mats fans and, Lord Be Praised, they are great. A truly fitting reminder then of one of the greatest rock’n’roll bands in American history. Unbelievably highly recommended.

Okay; over to you. No Alphabeat.


8 Responses

  1. I bought the new Seth Lakeman album, which I bought on the strength of good airplay for his new single – crimson dawn, and have been mightily impressed. Its not my usual bag – folks not really my thing, although I do own birkenstocks, but only because they came back into fashion, not becuase they are comfy.

    This, however, is a great advert for the the emerging folk in Britain just now (I know, he’s been about for ages, and put out shed loads of stuff, but it is new to a lot of people). It’s lilting and quite graceful, and I’ve found it a very refreshing change from my usual stuff (power pop, american rock etc.).

    And, most importantly, ladies, he’s quite hot.

  2. I heard a lot of him on Radio 2 at the weekend from the Cambridge Folk Festival. Sounded great!

  3. Mostly grinding booty to compilations (made for a long car journey) but do love the Meg Baird album ‘Dear Companion’ and have also been really loving Joan As Policewoman’s new album.

  4. Do fancy JAPW BDC – she’s playing Connect.

  5. I am going thru a little electro / dance phase and am in love with 4 bands at the moment. But in the interests of not shooting my (I was going to say load there but that’s perhaps not what I meant) bolt all at once, I will say only this: “fire” by “the whip” its fab!

    Next week my fav new band release their first (and eagerly awaited by me) album, so I will buy it on Mon and have a review all ready!

  6. I’m admittedly sometimes a bit slow at “getting it”. Took me until 1985 to accept that Neil Young isn’t a whiny-voiced hippy. Until 1991 to appreciate that Bob Dylan wasn’t a……well, whiny-voiced hippy.
    I now am an all-album convert to the Neil and Bob cause.
    With this in mind, I’ve been trying to get into Tom Waits. I mean I had Swordfishtrombones and Frank’s Wild Years, but I mean the REAL Tom Waits. The difficult ones.
    So, this week, I’ve mostly been listening to “The Heart Of Saturday Night” and “Small Change”. From 1973 and 1975 respectively.
    It’s hard to get by the horrible sax solos, but this guy is in fact a genius. The lyrics are so evocative and the structure of the songs sublime.
    Bone machine and Alice next week, methinks.
    I think I may be “getting it” about Tom.
    Oh, and the first Slaughter And the Dogs album is on heavy rotation too.

  7. Waits is like Costello – once you get past teh voice, there is a lot there.

  8. This week I have been listening to Cliff Richard….

    …alternately screaming then pleading to be let out of my dungeon while I decide how I’m going to eat him,

    better that I endure some tough old meat than let him have another number one!

    Chianti anyone?


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