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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Mr. Amy Winehouse – Ike Turner Without the Talent?

It was the T in the Park moment the tabloids salivated over. ‘My Blakey’s out of jail in the week. My Blake’s coming home’ gibbered Miss Winehouse. You’d need to have a heart of stone not to have found her excitement a little touching. However, unless you are a slavish devotee of Mills & Boon novels and have an unflinching belief in the power of redemptive love, you’d also have found it a little chilling. Her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has a documented history of drug abuse and violence. Yet the singer, undoubtedly a girl with a taste for the dark stuff herself, has cut a pathetic figure this past year as she has Stood By Her Man. Indeed, it’s been sad to see the sight of a singer so famed for her stoic anthems, of resistance against the bullshit us blokes are capable of, be so completely wrapped up in a destructive relationship with a chap who, to put it mildly, has issues.

It would be massively unfair and just plain wrong to think of them in purely tabloid terms, but it is very difficult not to. they have allowed their relationship – indeed, their lives – to become a cartoon. Fielder-Civil has taken on the heel role, though the naive tabloid line that he led a poor wee innocent awry is plainly bollocks. Has he dragged her down to his level? Probably. But you’ll only go where you want to go. The idea of getting in with the wrong crowd is the adult version of a big boy did it and ran away. She’s where she is because she consented to go there. To a public response caught between piety and hilarity, Fielder-Civil wasn’t released after all; indeed, he was found guilty of assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice (he and a friend beat a barman outside a nightclub then offered him £200,000 to drop his complaint.) Having served 9 months in jail – though it seemed to most observers like he’d served more days than Mandela, given the coverage – it’s clear that Winehouse’s excitement was based on advice from his lawyers that the judge would probably free him due to time already served. The media have already started to comment gleefully on whether or not she’ll fall apart – though as he will most likely be released in 18 weeks if his pee-pee stays pure the chances are she won’t – and there hasn’t been a hell of a lot of sympathy flowing. And deservedly so. He’s clearly guilty, and is a vain, nasty, spoiled junkie. He’s Ike Turner without the talent. Indeed, his ‘girlfriend’ attended court (Winehouse didn’t.) They guy is scum.

But what for the singer? It’s clear she is in a fairly destructive cycle, and it can’t all be blamed on her bloke – after all, he’s been banged up for 9 months. It seems obvious that the only person who can sort herself out is, well, her. The problem with any destructive cycle, be it booze, drugs or relationships (and she is on all three) is that you have to want to break it. If you simply blame everyone else and lapse further into it, you’ve no chance. I genuinely hope she does get through it, though with a malignant, fame-hungry ponce as a Mister, I have my doubts.


10 Responses

  1. By all accounts he’s a thug and she’s pretty weak.

  2. That picture of them covered in blood is pretty cool. Clearly calculated as well…

  3. Hose them! Throw soap at them and hose them!

    Though that is my answer to everything.

  4. Fuck them.

    Who cares.

    Brevity is the key my friends.

  5. Winehouse has a couple of good tunes, I’ll give her that… but the morbid fascination with her addiction, twat of a boyrfriend, stupid tattoos and floppy tits is ridiculous. Similarly, Doherty’s knocked out some lovely indie numbers, but all the ugly shit surrounding it blurs the reality.

    They should be heard and not seen, so far as I can tell.

  6. As I say, it has become a cartoon.

    He really is a hateable gimp though.

  7. regardless of whether you love her or loath her, she has got an incredible voice. All the sadder then, that it won’t be what she is remembered for when she’s gone. Which I predict may be sooner rather than later sadly.

  8. oh should also have added, he’s clearly a cock of the highest order.

  9. I hope not, I don’t have her in the death sweep at the football. though I think if anyone has Canoe Wife, they will probably be quids in.

    In all seriousness, if she does self-destruct, she’ll become a tragic heroine a la Edith Piaf.

  10. Yes, he is. A spoiled prick who should be paraglided into a warzone and told to get on with it.

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