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    extremelisteningmode on The worst band ever! – N…
    Welsh band lover on The worst band ever! – N…

Hangover Songs

I over-indulged yesterday. It wasn’t my fault, it was due to external circumstances. It would be easy to blame me, but as I am a strong character, I’m not prepared to go down that easy route. Obviously, I wish I lived in America so I could blame the barman for serving me and the brewer for making beer. But I’m not, alas, so instead I cradle a Lucozade and put on a tune or 9.

What hangover song you put on depends on the hangover. If you are in ‘still-drunk-but-hangover-in-the-post’ mode then it’s yer classic rock n’roll shouty song. I always know I should refrain from a Sunday afternoon drinky if the first thing I do is stick on ‘Badlands’. If I stick on ‘Born to Run’ then I should check into the Priory. I’ve noted my wife hides my Springsteen records when I’m pissed. And frankly, that’s the best time to listen to Brucie.

So if you are in ‘fuck-me-what-was-I-drinking?’ mode – and I am, dear reader, I assure you – what do you go for? Well, nothing too loud. That’s just masochism. Nothing too emotional or major chordy. When you are weeping quietly at the dignified majesty of ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac – or worse, phoning your friends to tell them about the dignified majesty of ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac – then you have taken a wrong turn. If you are in a bad relationship, it’s probably best to avoid the Stones 60’s output as it may leave you with the impression that wifebeating is acceptable. If you are in a good relationship, it’s worth avoiding Lionel Ritchie, because he’s shit. ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ – I’ll dance on your grave first, you tosspot. Actually, anything Steve Fucking Wright would play on his show is worth avoiding for the same reason.

So, I’ll cut to the chase; there is a great hangover song out there, because it sums up how you are feeling, it’s slow but not dreary and it ends in an uplifting, air-punchy fashion. It’s ‘Killer Parties’ by the Hold Steady. (‘Killer parties almost killed me’. Been there, brother.) Actually, there is a Hold Steady song out there for most things in life, well, so long as you like drugs, fucking and girls (and who doesn’t?) and if, like me, you are getting a bit too old for all that nonsense. Also recommended is ‘Cool Water’ by the delightful Laura Veirs, which is like applying a cold compress to your addled brow. She is a little genius in bad spectacles. There is also ‘Sunday Morning’ by the Velvet Underground, but discerning reader that you are, you knew that already, didn’t you?!

And, of course, ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by Buggles. Never a bad time to play that. In fact, you could tell me that a wolf had raped my brother and I’d still enjoy listening to that.


3 Responses

  1. Hangover song of the moment (of the day, if I’m honest) is 99 Problems from the Grey Album. Jay Z’s sexist epic crossed with Helter Skelter – it’s a belter. Keeps that ethanol flag flying.

  2. Jay Z – not a bad life is it? Hot woman, more money than a small nation and millions of sales. Note to James Blunt; that’s what you do with success!!!!

  3. almost anything by Nick Drake. I mean this in a good way.

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